5 Things to Consider When Looking For Managed Network Services

In today’s busy economy, many businesses depend heavily on complex networking technology to support both their internal and external processes. Keeping up with the ever-evolving network infrastructure is very time consuming and requires a lot of work.In light of this, many companies today are choosing to outsource their network functions to service providers. Not only is it cost-effective to take advantage of managed network services, but it increases flexibility and provides a business access to skills that may not be available on-staff such as networking, security and communications. Taking advantage of this type of service also allows a company to devote its IT resources to the core business instead of ongoing network management.It is essential to choose the right service provider when outsourcing network management. Here are five things to take into consideration when selecting a service to go with.Standards of the Network ServiceOne of the first things to consider when choosing a service provider is its standards for network availability, reliability and security. Most often, these are spelled out in an agreement or a contract. The agreement should state that the provider is available at all time because any amount of downtime can cost your business a whole lot of money. Take the time to read through the contract or agreement to be sure that important security and reliability procedures are in place.CostYou should choose a managed network service that fits your budget. There are many managed network services available today, so look for a company that offers a low, fixed cost. The best companies will run baseline assessment of your infrastructure to understand it fully. They will then customise a service level agreement that defines your expectations and needs.ConnectivityYou should choose a service that offers your a secure, high performing and cost effective solution whether you need the provider to connect one building to another, connect remote users to the home office, or connect multiple sites with voice and data traffic on one network. The top companies today use IP VPNs to greatly reduce the complexity of the network as well as the cost of ownership.FlexibilityA good managed network services company will adapt and change quickly to your evolving business requirements and will match the correct services to your specific needs.Monitoring and ManagementYou should expect to receive real-time performance reporting as well as complete access of the monitoring of the network through a customer web portal. The performance of the network should also be measured against your particular service level agreement.Managed network services are being used today by nearly one third of all businesses. Companies are enjoying the many benefits of having their entire networks managed by an outside company, freeing up their own IT staff so that it can concentrate on more core business tasks. Not only is this type of service highly efficient and cost-effective, it is one of the best ways available today to increase a company’s profits.

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Managed Network Services


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