A Quick Overview of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best option for a web hosting plan if your company’s web site runs complex and unique scripts or programs. With a dedicated server you have complete control over the configuration of the drive that your site will be housed on, which means you don’t have to worry about fitting your programs with the programs of any other company. This flexibility allows you to choose the operating system and software that runs your web site and maintains your site’s files.The Technical AspectsIt is necessary to have a good understanding of web applications if you plan to use dedicated hosting. To get the most out of having a server completely dedicated to your company, you will want to build the software configuration from the ground up so that it works seamlessly with your existing network. Some of the software that you will need to install on your dedicated server includes the operating system, content management software, a control panel, and different scripting software. Many hosting and software companies have found that they can offer server software at a discount if they sell them bundled together, so you will probably be able to find a pre-packaged deal to suit your company’s needs.Managed Dedicated hostingThe benefits of using a managed dedicated hosting service is that your site will have technical support for the hardware and the software from the web hosting company. Usually a managed hosting service provides all of the technical support you would expect if you had hired your own IT department to handle the upkeep of the site. They will provide you with the software bundle you need based on your site’s configuration, troubleshoot the software if there is a problem, and give you ways to update your site through a customized content management system.Unmanaged Dedicated hostingUnmanaged dedicated hosting plans are less expensive than managed hosting because they don’t include as much support on the software side. The web host will maintain and update the hardware, but it is up to your company to configure the server and keep it running the way you would prefer. If you choose an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan, make sure someone in your company has a solid understanding of web applications and network configurations. You can spend hours of frustration trying to build and maintain your web site if you don’t have access to a networking expert.The Virtual Private Server OptionOne of the newer options that is beginning to break into the dedicated hosting market is the virtual private server. These servers allow companies to save money by using shared web hosting plans, but they also give companies the freedom to include intricate programming codes and scripts on their sites. The fundamental design of a virtual private server is that a single server is split into several dedicated regions, and each region behaves like a dedicated server. The amount of money you can save through choosing a virtual private server is substantial.

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