Asus MyPal A636 PDA Review

Asus has taken the PDA market by storm with the launch of MyPal A636. This is the first and foremost PDA with a built in GPS receiver and antenna- making it one of the hottest gadgets in the market. Priced at par with other hand held devices in the market, the MyPal is a slight let down on the overall performance front, but features like the inbuilt GPS device really make this one of the hottest devices in the market today.The design of this hand held is a rather bold one. With an external speaker on the bottom corner, the phone looks like a device right out of the 80’s- but features like these really add to the overall retro look and feel of the device. Apart from the large external speaker, the phone had a directional knob in the center and a GPS antenna towards the top. The GPS antenna is one of the strongest signal catchers that we have come across- ever and can catch signals from up to 24 different satellites at a time- making it an accurate and a reasonably fast GPS device. The device has a decent screen, though we feel that this could have been better. Equipped with a loud and clear external speaker (something that is a mandate in the world of GPS devices), this Asus device is great when it comes to watching movies or listening to songs.The device is supplied with the most popular Software that come as a standard with most hand held devices. From a mobile Office suite and Terminal Services to games and software to enable VPN connections, the PDA is loaded with all the tech bites that one can ask for. The device is well connected, thanks to a state-of-art Wi-Fi system and a bluetooth gateway. The best feature of the hand held, however, remains the built in GPS receiver. With exceptional performance even around trees and under high rise buildings, the GPS receiver that comes along with the MyPal is one of the best GPS devices around.The Destinator PN Software allows for ease of usage when it comes to navigation and control. Sporting a 416 Mhz PXA 272 processor, the MyPal hand held device is a better than average performer. The advantage of having the PXA 272 processor is that the battery life increases considerably and the final output that MyPal battery delivers is almost 13 hours with media playback- something to be mighty proud of!

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