Private Networks With Guarantee of Bandwidth Performance

What distinguishes and differentiates the MPLS point to point network from public networks is the guarantee of bandwidth performance and exclusivity of data transmission. The quality of service offered by the service provider makes this network extremely attractive to industries.MPLS technology is a multi-purpose technology that supports a range of different protocols. It encapsulates a number of services and is often referred to as the “Swiss army knife” technology of the industry. It provides the Virtual private network with the necessary latency and jitter for VOIP telephony and video conferencing service.It follows that, MPLS with point to point is often recommended for business entities that have sensitive data that needs to be transmitted over long distances. Additionally, this type of transmission protocol, also enable these business entities comply with essential HIPAA guidelines.Controlled access settings are used to connect different business locations using MPLS point to point networks to ensure that the VPN is exclusive and no security is compromised. All packets transmitted over this network contain specific labels and no IP addresses. Additionally encryption may be used to enhance the security of the data so transmitted over the network.MPLS networks can be a mesh of interconnected sites or a single point to point connection. It is not necessary to specify the configuration of the network at the time of its setup. The network can be added to and built up by adding additional sites to the original network. In other words the network can be reprogrammed to meet the new requirements of the business. The network is often illustrated as a cloud which is accessible from multiple locations. MPLS networks come with inbuilt resiliency protocols. Fast Reroute and Bi-directional fault identification enable a quick switch over to standby links using this technology. This network is as scalable as ATM and packet networks.As stated earlier, MPLS Point to Point networks are called multi-purpose networks. They bridge disparate protocols such as Frame Relay, ATM and Ethernet and support many legacy networks and port options. Configuration, management of connectivity and discovery that is essential in signalling protocols are addressed by MPLS point to point networks. The ability to encapsulate techniques makes this wholly possible. In short, this network is flexible, highly available and multi-service supportive.The flexibility of the network and its ability to support disparate protocols naturally makes it cost effective. Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet and IP networks can be easily deployed from a single infrastructure set up, thus reducing capital outlay by more than 40%. The ability to support and integrate voice, video and data further enables the management of these services from a single backbone.It is no wonder therefore, that the point to point MPLS networks are gaining in popularity and is the logical choice of businesses that need exclusive networks that link a large number of offices in a virtual private mesh.

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