Running A Clan Using Cheap Game Servers

Video games have come a long way, from the simple electronic games of several years ago; it has now evolved into a more complex form of gaming. I remember the first video game I have played, Super Mario. It was a single or double player game that has to be played by connecting the game console with the television set. Today, video games can be played on personal computers connected to the internet and can involve many players.Video games today can involve users of several computers with links to each other and other electronic devices to provide gaming services to public or private networks. One of these computers serves as the game server or host that provides virtual space and executes programs to be used by the clients or players. Game Service Providers (GSP) lease games to gaming clans or teams and they use internet tools to run, control, and configure games and they also allow clans to modify them.There are two types of game servers, the Listen Servers and the Dedicated Servers. Listen servers usually operate using LAN and has lesser players and don’t need internet access, it allows a player to be the host and at the same time play the game. In this case, when the player or client is terminated, so is the host. Dedicated servers on the other hand run separate from the player or client and are located in data centers. The servers are usually run by software companies who own the game title which allows them to update and control the game content, often modifying and having sequels to popular games.There are expensive game servers and there are cheap game servers that can be accessed anywhere in the world through the internet. You can either rent a cheap game server for yourself alone or you can ask friends to join you and create a clan or team. In this case you will be the leader of the clan or team and is the one to run it. To pay for the service, you can either shoulder the expenses or you can ask clan members to chip in a certain amount of money.Here are some easy steps on how to run a clan or team using cheap game servers:First you have to decide what types of gamers you want your clan members to be. There are casual or serious gaming clans. Casual gaming clans are usually in it for the social aspect of the game. They usually have a favorite game to play and they are playing just for fun. Serious gaming clans are dedicated to a single game and are in it to get world ranking status in the game of their choice. They work hard on their game to get a high ranking.Next, you need to base your clan or team to several types of games, not just on a single game. Offer a wide variety of games that clan members can play so that the clan members will become more interested to be part of your clan.The next step is choosing a name for your clan. You can either create a name for the clan yourself or get help from a team name generator. The key here is to select a clan name that can cross over to new games and which will not limit you to a single game.After you have chosen a name for your clan, it is time to recruit members. This task would seem daunting at first but all you really need to do is join a game first and find out which players are in your local area then you can spread the word out that you are starting a clan and that you want to play more organized games against other clans or teams.Then you will need to join clan ladders or gaming leagues to help your clan to become active and become more focused. Look for a forum that can host your clan to make it easier for clan members to get in contact with each other. You can also use emails and telephones. The best way for this though is to create a website for your clan. This will make your clan look very professional and serious. The best tool for this is HTML coding by hand in notepad.Since you are the leader, be sure that you are the only leader of the clan but you can have a co-leader. If there is a member who causes too much problems, remove him immediately. Remember that the success of the clan relies on you since you are the leader and you are the one responsible for its success.Keep your clan at a maximum of 20 players only and should your clan fail, you can always start a new clan again. This time you will have your experience from the first clan to make the second better.Finding cheap game servers to host your clan is the final step. You can set up your home pc to run a server but this is very amateur so you need to rent a server and be ready to pay for it. The closer the server is located, the better the ping. The number of slots depends on the number of players that you need. You may have to rent another server for your clan if it will have more clan members.Be sure to ask the cheap game server that you want to rent on how you can control it, how you can kick players and which will let you set the level control. Ask for the mode of payment and ask other clans who have used the servers for feedback. Be sure to know if they are quick to reply to any of your questions. The cheapest game servers don’t always mean they’re the best. Research is essential for the success of your clan and finding the right game server to host your clan is very important.

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