Two Ways of Finding an Address From a Telephone Number

In the past, the phone book was the only thing that dealt with telephone numbers. If a person knew someone’s last name, finding their number and address was a simple matter of an alphabetic search. However, it was virtually impossible to do the opposite. Unless a person wanted to look through the entire telephone book, finding an address from a telephone number was not an option. Likewise, they could not find a name if all they had was a number. However, with the advent of the Internet, things have changed. Now, some people leave their phone numbers on personal websites and social networking sites. In addition, there are many databases where a person can find the name, number, and address of just about anyone.Online phone books are much more efficient than paper ones. Not only do they contain numbers from all over the world, but they can be searched in a wide variety of ways. Finding an address from a telephone number is even possible with these services. Some of these directories are free. A person can search their database an unlimited number of times at no cost. However, these free services only deal with land lines and listed numbers. They do not have the capability of searching for cell numbers or unlisted numbers. This is because phone companies charge databases to obtain this information.If a person can not find a number in one free database, it is not likely to do them any good to try another. All of these directories generally share the same information. However, there are directories that give a higher likelihood of finding an address from a telephone number. These directories contain cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers, and because of this they charge for their services. They do offer customer support, though, and do not usually contain pop-ups. In addition, they usually guarantee that your searches will be kept private.There are different ways that these larger databases price their services. Some charge one fee and then allow a person to search as many times as they want. Others require a smaller payment for each search. In both types of directories, it is possible to learn a lot when finding an address from a telephone number. This at times even includes background information about the person who owns it. In addition, some websites will refund the fee if they do not have the number you are looking for. So if a person needs information about a phone number, even these paid searches carry very little risk.

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finding an address from a telephone number


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