Web Hosting – What is Available on the Platter?

There is a flurry of activity that has been going on in the field of web hosting. The latest from the stables of Microsoft is the Windows Server 2008 that encompasses the IIS7.0 tool. The software to handle mail called SmarterMail v5 Enterprise is on offer. For the user, SmarterMail offers a tool to send and receive email, a contact list, customized content by them and filtering of spam. Besides, it helps to monitor email bandwidth. Its features are compatible with all browsers and broadband or dial-up access. Since all features are browser-based, they can be operated without any restrictions of physical locations.The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that is on offer now enables and helps better for quicker coordination between the design and source view. A novel split view feature has been incorporated that helps to edit the HTML source and immediately see the results. It is fully supported by the WYSIWYG system for consistency in look and feel.Today, there are many options available for clients, while availing of hosting services. The availability of MySql database is one of the notable features available on a majority of servers. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Netware, and so on, thus making it universally versatile. For those interested to create a robust and fast web application for their site can go in for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) hosting providers.Web hosting providers now have features like “ruby on rails”, a web application framework for smaller, client-driven requirements. Another novel option is “shell access” that allows better access for clients to their sites. Using TELNET is risky, since it sends information across in plain text that can be intercepted and misused. Secure Shell or SSH allows secure exchange of information between remotely linked locations, and is primarily used for Linux or Unix based systems.The recent growth has been in the area of virtual networks. Virtual private server (VPS) is a method to divide a single computer into multiple servers with each having the identity and capabilities to run on their own. This has greatly reduced the need to establish new equipment and ensures the maximum use of those in hand. Depending on the support softwares used, each of these servers can be re-booted independently and protected from attacks on other parts of the computer. Also available are dedicated servers, where the client is provided with an entire server at their location of choice. This ensures all possible risks associated with shared servers and virtual setups. Although more costly, it gives the client a secure web space. These allow the development of multiple domains, within a single hosting account. The available bandwidth is far more than those for shared servers. VPS offers an independent setup to each customer and none affects performance of other customers on the same server. There is minimum downtime and conflicting issues between websites. Upgradation of an existing website to a VPS service is relatively easy, without having to disable the website. A system for automatic-administration and incremental backup feature can be set up. This enables quick restoration of work, without support intervention. A virtualized server is more secure than a dedicated server, since the basic architecture changes access points and prevents attacks.The concept of cloud hosting has been the latest entrant in web hosting services. A data-center is filled with servers linked together and coordinating to perform to their peak. There are many advantages to the concept. A minimum server downtime is guaranteed, since only few servers may crash at any given time, transferring the process to other servers.

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